Canary Island music festivalMusic events has been drawing the world’s best classical period since 1985, and helps to attract thousands of tourists to both Tenerife and Gran Canaria, producing extra tourist Euros for the islands.

The Music Festival boasts events stretched over a period more than a month. Concerts and cultural events take place on both the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife from January 9 to February 16, 2009.

Festival organizers recognize some important milestones that will influence the festival’s theme. This celebration of classical music has reached the quarter-century mark. The 25th anniversary will be marked with much fanfare among organizers, visitors, and local business owners.

Many of the works of classical pianist and composer Franz Liszt will be featured. The Hungarian musician would be nearing his 200th birthday. List was highly regarded during his lifetime, even by his contemporaries. He is still considered by many to be the greatest pianist in the history of the world. Festival organizers have chosen to focus on his work during its 2009 series.

The upcoming New Year also marks the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Friedrich Handel. The Canary Islands Music events during the classical period will pay fitting tribute to the German Baroque composer.

Handel is probably most well-known for his oratorio ‘Messiah.’ Handel’s ‘Messiah’ is a holiday favorite the world over. Handel wrote over 40 operas, more than 25 oratorios and hundreds of songs, cantatas, duets and other musical works.

The Canary Islands Music Festival has grown since its debut in 1985. It was begun by likeminded avid classical music lovers. They wanted the Canary Islands to be recognized as a symbol of culture. They recognized the rich history of the islands as a magnet for tourists seeking culture in addition to sun and surf.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists have flocked to the festival since it opened its doors and boosted the number of holidaymakers taking holidays – it boasts some of the finest performances by modern classical musicians in one grand event. It has featured in past years names such as Claudio Abbado, Carlo Maria Giulini, Sir Colin Davis, Frans Bruggen and much more.

Events take place in various venues in the capital cities of the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Concerts and cultural happenings are spread over more than 35 days. Tickets for various events range in price from 20 to a hundred Euros, depending on the artist and the venue.

Music loving tourists can come for part or all of the festival. Local hotels, apartments, and bed-and-breakfasts are booking quickly. Tour packages are also available through some travel agencies. Many include hotel stays, concert ticket bundles and admission to other local attractions for one inclusive price.

The Canary Islands may still be best known worldwide for sand and the sun. However, the Canary Islands Music Festival has done much to promote the region as a place rife with culture. Thousands of tourists have come to appreciate the islands for the history they boast. Getting a little bit of winter sun with the music is a bit of a bonus as well!