About Rykomusic

RYKOMUSIC is the company to come to when looking for music that is cutting edge, unique, eclectic, and global. As a publisher, we take pride in representing authentic music that crosses boundaries, borders and eras. We have found great success introducing the world to writers that diverge from the mainstream and forge their own paths.

Rykomusic began as the publishing arm of Rykodisc, a company that broke new ground as the first digital/CD only label. In the 1990’s, Rykomusic broadened our scope with the purchase of the prestigious Warlock Music, a catalog that includes the copyrights of such influential songwriters as Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, John Martyn and Richard Thompson. This allowed Rykomusic to branch out into other music categories, and greatly increase the spectrum of music we now represent. Rykomusic continues to seek out the roots of music from all genres, representing copyrights that span from metal to hip hop to rock to pop to electronica to world music and more.

Rykomusic’s global vision extends into our approach to marketing, promotion and administration of our copyrights. We license directly in the US and Canada and are direct members of most of the European Rights Societies. We have synchronization agents in several countries where we license directly. We also have proactive sub-publishers in the remaining countries. Rykomusic excels in the area of synchronization licensing. The quarterly newsletter, Rykomusic News, samplers, and full albums of our roster writers are provided to a discreet list of music supervisors, music editors, music executives and creative directors. We work closely with them to help find prime placements for our copyrights in films, television, commercials and interactive. One of our most notable successes came with the national Volkswagen campaign in 2000, when the gentle strumming of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” was heard almost thirty years after its release. The impact of this placement boosted both CD and car sales beyond expectations.

As one of the most successful independent publishers, we pride ourselves on being more proactive than reactive. The spirit of our company stems from the people who run it, past and present. Rykomusic is a staff of music aficionados and industry experts who are committed to representing the music they love, in the best way possible. Using the most up to date technology and means that are available, we have always strived to be one step ahead, and we will continue to do so, well into the future.

Our newly designed website is a great place to start exploring all we have to offer. You can listen to songs, search our database, get up-to-date information on our writers/artists and drop us a line. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Yes